Dr.Zen's BabyBumper for Head Safety
  • Decreases Risk of Head Injury from Falling 

  • Adjustable Straps 

  • Perfect for Infants That Are Sitting Up, Pulling Up, and Learning to Walk 


Does your infant keep falling back and hitting their head?

After years of working with new parents, one of the most common problems we found was that once their infant started sitting up, pulling up and learning to walk they almost always fell back and hit their head.

The solution is to cushion their fall, because we cannot stop them from falling.

One big thing we've found to help new parents with this and prevent any serious head injuries has been Dr. Zen’s BabyBumber for Head Safety. 

It's worn as a mini backpack that has a pillow at the top. 

It’s perfectly sized for your little one’s head and protects their head when they fall which is inevitable as they find their balance and learn to walk. 

Cushioned fall for baby, peace of mind for you.  

This is especially for you if….

  • Your baby is sitting up, pulling up and/or learning to walk.  

  • You have tiled or wooden floors.

  • You are concerned about head injuries due to falling 

If your child isn’t sitting up yet, this is good to get sooner than later because they advance fairly quickly. 

If your child is already sitting up and you’ve been having to comfort them after several head bumps, we encourage you to not wait any longer. 

It is made out of soft, breathable fabric that is  machine washable. 

It’s lightweight design allows you to take it with you anywhere even when traveling!

Give your baby the freedom to move around without injuring their heads and causing preventable emotional and physical distress. 

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